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Volant Nardi/dřevo - Typ 1/2/3/14 (400mm)

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Volant Nardi/dřevo - Typ 1/2/3/14 (400mm)
Volant Nardi/dřevo - Typ 1/2/3/14 (400mm)
Volant Nardi/dřevo - Typ 1/2/3/14 (400mm)
Dřevěný volant "Nardi" Ø 400 mm bez klaksonu a redukce.
Nardi wood steering wheel design Ø 400 mm.
Nardi wood steering wheel design, upon hearing the name "Nardi" is the heart of the classic sports car enthusiasts beat faster. The dream to win an original Nardi steering wheel is at an affordable price almost an impossible task. That's changed now with this design inspired by the Nardi wood steering wheel, not cheap but it is more accessible to realize your dream.
In 1958 began Enrico Nardi a collaboration with Enzo Ferrari: Mr. Ferrari was accustomed to much attention to the details of his car, which is what Enrico could provide steering wheel area. There was a long-term collaboration between Ferrari and Nardi, most Ferraris were fitted with a Nardi steering wheel. Partly due to this cooperation the Nardi steering wheel world known where it did not stay with Ferrari alone, many brands with racing history was knew only too find. Nardi credit Nardi was a supplier for production cars chosen by, among other Lancia, Audi, Maserati, Lamborghini , Rolls Royce , Jaguar, Lotus, TVR, McLaren , Volkswagen, Abarth and BMW. Besides manufacturing cars, the accessory market was an even greater market share, this Nardi could reach a much larger audience and thus was mounting a Nardi steering accessible to everyone. 
This Nardi steering wheel design has a diameter of 40 cm, is manufactured in one piece Aluminium with wooden outer edge portions which are provided at the bottom of finger grooves for a better grip. The steering is not completely flat, but has a depth of 3 cm, along with related steering wheel hub (not supplied) is the right depth for our Volkswagens. The heavy chrome trim ring and mounting hardware are included but without the horn cap, also take this addition to it. # 02749.
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Volant Nardi/dřevo - Typ 1/2/3/14 (400mm) 
Volant Nardi/dřevo - Typ 1/2/3/14 (400mm) 
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