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Koberce podlahy/šedé - Typ 1 (1957 » 68)

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Koberce podlahy/šedé - Typ 1 (1957 » 68)
Koberce podlahy/šedé - Typ 1 (1957 » 68)
Koberce podlahy/šedé - Typ 1 (1957 » 68)
Šedé koberce podlahy s ochranným prvkem u pedálů sada 7ks.

Carpet kit 7pcs black.

For all years are appropriate interior carpet sets available. These carpet kits are available in black or heather gray, and are also very wide (wider than the original). The following parts of this carpet set coated: tubular bars left and right (the recess for the heater you still cropping), the entire bottom plate including the part about the tunnel (the holes for the handbrake, gear and or heater operation you have to cut ), behind the pedals against the bulkhead and left and right against the inner fenders. The whole thing is pretty cut tap the edges. Fitting the carpet set is done by the parts to be bonded. For the pedals, the carpet set also features a rubber hakstuk. In which the beetles are provided with a clamping strip on the box girder, the carpet set provided with a rubber strip for him to confirm here. First gather all the parts and look good where and how each part should be glued, and in what order before gluing to start. Because these sets are much larger if the original can not these sets lay beside the original to compare. All set are designed as the support feet on the passenger side is present. The carpet set for the 1200-1300-1500 between 8/1968 and 7/1972 are equipped with additional sewn pieces of carpet to the inner fender parts, this only applies if the heater grid control on the inner fender is attached (only supplied by Volkswagen of 8/1968 t / m 7/1969). If your stove grates on the grill itself be controlled then you can remove these pieces or if you yourself do not bother to just let it sit.

T.1 r.v. 8/57 » 7/68

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Koberce podlahy/šedé - Typ 1 (1957 » 68) 
Koberce podlahy/šedé - Typ 1 (1957 » 68) 
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