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Trubice teplovodu/palubní deska - Typ 1 (1967 » 85)

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Středová trubice teplovodu palubní desky s krytem pro autorádio. 

Dashboard heating outlet.

Dashboard heating spout, from model year 1966 is at the beetle the windshield defog greatly improved, the windscreen was now not only through the sides blown clean with warm air but also through a grate in the Middle, which caused a defog faster than before. This roster is like the output on the sides not separately adjustable, only with the heater control next to the handbrake can the supply be regulated. Most drivers put the stove control open all the way and if the temperature is too high the adjusted or completely voetbedienings lattices. This way the windshield defog maximum functionality. The grid is referred to by the dashboard in the spout clamped, go through the spout there snakes to the left and right side on the manifold direction box girder. If the spout is torn disappears a large part of the air flow in the suitcase and that must be avoided. In such a case, replace the spout with possibly a new grid (see the Options tab). The spout has a moisture barrier for any mounted radio, this is a review that is made by Volkswagen, only later would you already have a new heating outlet order as yours its not standard.

T.1 1200-1300-1500-1302 r.v. 1967 (VIN 117 566 239) » 12/85

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Trubice teplovodu/palubní deska - Typ 1 (1967 » 85) 
Trubice teplovodu/palubní deska - Typ 1 (1967 » 85) 
Trubice teplovodu/palubní deska - Typ 1 (1967 » 85) 
Trubice teplovodu/palubní deska - Typ 1 (1967 » 85) 
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