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Šasi/komplet - Typ 1 (1965 » 03)

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Šasi/komplet - Typ 1 (1965 » 03)
Šasi/komplet - Typ 1 (1965 » 03)
Šasi/komplet - Typ 1 (1965 » 03)
Kompletní šasi bez identifikačního čísla.

Complete floor (chassis) swing axle.

If your chassis is rusted so badly it may be advisable to replace it in its entirety. This new chassis is not equipped with a chassis number, in the Netherlands it is legal to the chassis number transfer. You make an appointment with the RDW (National Road and Transport) and you take both the old and the new chassis including the old badge with it. The badge is checked and the old chassis (or what's left of it) is taken, then the new chassis sealed. Once your car is ready to make another appointment with the RDW who breaks the seal and the old chassis number in the usual place again strikes, you preserve your existing registration there will not change. How it is legally regulated in other countries you will need to check with the inspection body of the country where the vehicle is registered. This original VW chassis comes from the last years of production which were equipped with swing axles * if your chassis to use for PTO shafts * can do this conversion but make sure that you do this before the hassis is sealed, after the sealing may you have nothing more to adapt or modify the old chassis must naturally also include intermediate shafts *.The gearbox is onnected to the last suspension Mexico Beetles the model which has been applied to the German Beetles t / m 7/1972, while the seat mounting is equal to the model is after 8/1972.
For a gearbox from 8/1972 to mount, you can replace the switch cabinet or use a urethane conversion adapter (see options). If you want to use for the chassis model years between 8/1965 and 7/1972 you should be aware that your use of the chairs after 8/1972. Besides the great advantage that you are in possession of one brand new hassis that is ready to continue to build this chassis is also equipped with both an inlet and outlet fuel line which for some with a different engine can be a great extra. The new hassis also has some additional brackets which only apply if you have a late model (Mexico) injection engine is mounted, you can also delete it without problems. We recommend you to chassis still to be painted, the primer used must be only in the warehouses not to rust, but only welds already equipped sealer In this capacity only pplicable to the Beetle, by replacing the bottom plates also suitable for the Karmann Ghia and Kubel.

T.1 swing axle r.v. 8/65 
» 7/03 not 1302/03 IRS

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Šasi/komplet - Typ 1 (1965 » 03) 
Šasi/komplet - Typ 1 (1965 » 03) 
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