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Setrvačník motoru Std/200mm - Typ 1/3 motory (1966 » 03)

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Setrvačník motoru Std/200mm - Typ 1/3 motory (1966 » 03)
Setrvačník motoru Std/200mm - Typ 1/3 motory (1966 » 03)
Setrvačník motoru Std/200mm - Typ 1/3 motory (1966 » 03)
Std setrvačník motoru Ø 200 mm váha 7kg 130 zubů 12 Volt.

Stock flywheel Ø 200 mm  130 teeth 12 Volt. 

If you are a 1300 cc engine is a 1600 cc will make you besides replacing the cylinders and pistons and unscrewing the cylinder (or new install) also ensure that you replace the flywheel for a 200 mm execution. If you keep driving with the old 180 mm flywheel will regularly clutch plate to replace it is not made ​​for the higher power. Therefore, be wise and fit directly a 200 mm flywheel which has 130 teeth what is popularly known as a 12 volt flywheel is called. The designation 200 mm is derived from the diameter clutch plate to be used and therefore not of the flywheel itself, it may also be obvious that you also have a clutch plate and clutch should use 200 mm (see options). The flywheel must not be mounted without looking further, an adjustment is essential to avoid bearing damage. The axial clearance should be between 0.07 and 0.13 mm down (this can be measured with a clock gauge). The clearance is adjusted by adjusting rings that sit behind the flywheel, there should never be more than 3 rings are used, hence also in various thicknesses (see options). Besides this standard flywheel is also available in a lighter version that contribute to a higher power when tuned engines that run at higher speeds (see marriage). Note: Before assembling, or the pins too much slack exhibit excessive play can lead to it loose from the flywheel what enormous damage.

T.1/2/3/14/181 r.v. 8/66 » 7/03 (1.3 - 1.6)

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Setrvačník motoru Std/200mm - Typ 1/3 motory (1966 » 03) 
Setrvačník motoru Std/200mm - Typ 1/3 motory (1966 » 03) 
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