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Převodovka 8:35 repase - Typ 1/14 IRS (1970 »)

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Převodovka 8:35 repase - Typ 1/14 IRS (1970 »)
Převodovka 8:35 repase - Typ 1/14 IRS (1970 »)
Převodovka 8:35 repase - Typ 1/14 IRS (1970 »)
Převodovka 8:35 repase (stejnoběžný kloub).

Řešení na klíč je plně repasovaná převodovka 8:35 a 8:33 (412) diferenciál nebo 8:31 (388) diferenciál. Tento typ diferenciálu je velmi vyhledávaný pro kohokoli, kdo má postavený motor 1600cc, nebo vyšší obsah. Vzhledem k poměru, který je delší, je dosahována vyšší maximální rychlost. Všechny repasované převodovky jsou dodávány bez upevňovacích silentbloků, spojkového ložiska a oleje (převody plně synchronizovány). Pokud máte Brouka do r.v. 7/60 je rovněž možné převodovku namontovat s převodním adaptérem. Převody jsou vybavena speciálním kolečkem, která zajišťují synchronizaci a přenos síly na ozubená kola převodovky. Veškerá ozubená kola jsou repasovaná speciální metodou.
Gearbox overhauled 8:35.
Reconditioned gearboxes, the gearbox does not last forever, it can wear out over time making it difficult or disable various parts noise occurs while driving. You can pick up the gearbox open and remedy the evil, but this is often not a simple task. A turnkey solution is a fully reconditioned gearbox fitted with 8:33 (412) differential or you choose a container with an 8:31 (388) differential, the latter was fitted by Volkswagen for the versions that come with a 1600 cc engine were equipped. This type of differential is highly sought after by anyone who has subsequently built. A 1600 cc or a heavier engine Because of this ratio are all gears longer so that a higher top speed is achieved. The speed is lower than before at a certain speed, less engine noise in the interior entails. If one now 1200, 1300 or 1500 cc engine is also fitted then you can without difficulty an 8:31 (388) gearbox mount, keep in mind that the traction will be a lot less and you have to go up more honors the desired speed is reached .. All reconditioned gearboxes are supplied exclusively suspension rubbers, thrust bearing and oil. All transmissions are fully synchronized. If you have a car t / m the year 7/1960 also it is possible to mount it take then the conversion adapter (see options) extra. revision note: The gears of various gears are equipped with an extra cog that provide synchronization and power transmission from the gear to turn. In many reconditioned gearboxes are some teeth missing in these sprockets while the original is not the case. This adjustment, however, deliberately done to avoid it. Switching problems The sprockets are original performed with thin and thick teeth on a wreath. Only the thicker teeth are taxed and are subject to wear. When these teeth are too worn, the container will have a tendency to jump out of gear, or will be able to. No longer smoothly switched to the acceleration To prevent this, the thicker teeth are removed during the overhaul, leaving the rest of the thinner, can still take over. Like new teeth these tasks This only happens when these teeth have worn that can be said to have a gearbox life smoothly go there yet. Not guaranteed New sprockets mount is not an option because they are simply not getting. The "new" transmission is not weaker than the original, because the number of thicker teeth always equal or lower than the number of teeth thinner. This method is used by many remanufacturers and is now an accepted way to solve this problem.
T.1 1302-1303 IRS r.v. 7/70 »
T.14 IRS r.v. 8/70 »

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Převodovka 8:35 repase - Typ 1/14 IRS (1970 ») 
Převodovka 8:35 repase - Typ 1/14 IRS (1970 ») 
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