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Sklo dělící/kabina - Typ 2 (1955 » 79)

  • Výrobce: Paruzzi 
  • Kód produktu:27518
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  • Záruka:24 měs.
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Sklo dělící/kabina - Typ 2 (1955 » 79)
Sklo dělící/kabina - Typ 2 (1955 » 79)
Sklo dělící/kabina - Typ 2 (1955 » 79)
Sklo pro dělící příčku kabiny vozu 49 x 17 cm.

Těsnění skla naleznete v kolonce související zboží # 27517.

Cab divider window 49 x 17 cm.
Divider pane and window rubber, most buses are equipped with a partition between the cab and the cargo area to protect them from toppling charge. the driver and front passenger (s) The lower part is always made ​​of metal and together with this forms a part of the bodywork. If the wall is raised to the top of this upper part of molded compressed paperboard made ​​with a diamond to ensure visibility to the rear and to hold the load. eye Because of the choice of material, this upper portion is not present any more, but a lot of buses in a good restoration should also be recovered. This again Majority, the wall made ​​of wood instead of pressed cardboard, plywood aircraft would provide the best material, it is thin, strong and waterproof. The window shown here is the same as the original of tempered glass and the rubber is not a universal one glued together copy but manufactured in a mold, the corners are just like the original, pre-formed to ensure a perfect fit and appearance. If you have a Coach for 1955 is this not a diamond and diamond rubber available with the right size if you need to create the partition, you may consider to use the window of the subsequent year if the dimensions do not equal as the original should be. applicable to: Bus from 3/1955 / m 7/1979 # 27517 # 27518 pane window rubber.
T.2 r.v. 3/55 » 7/79 diamond

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Sklo dělící/kabina - Typ 2 (1955 » 79) 
Sklo dělící/kabina - Typ 2 (1955 » 79) 
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